What it means to fight for yourself

It's very easy to lose yourself and lose your own identity when you are in the middle of society. You must appease others, live up to expectations and project a certain image in order to fit in, advance and survive.

When I was growing up, I had a hard time criticizing my own parents or elders. I just assumed they would know better than me. And that assumption often cost me greatly. It's a very dangerous assumption to lean on somebody else entirely for anything. To depend on someone else's wisdom without holding your own is like being a slave to another. To rely on someone else's wisdom after you've gained your own confidence and a mind strong enough to not be taken over by someone else, that is true learning. I was only a sponge when I was a kid just soaking up what everyone else around me told me. Now, when you are older, you are able to apply those learnings to the real world and to real people and discover yourself if those teachings were right or not. Whether they "fit in" and apply to the real world currently to your situations ... or not.

My goals, my ambitions. My own dreams. And fighting for those things. I think that's why education here in America is so revered all over the world. Not just the established universities and their prestige but this country's innovation is not like any other. It's a country made up of immigrants who wanted a new way of life, even if it meant leaving everything they held dear in their original world. It's a land full of misfits, rule breakers, mavericks and dreamers.

I believe in people like Steve Jobs who said that everything around us is really made up by people who came before us. Technology, systems, orders, laws, schools. And that we have the power to change those very things for the better.

Whatever change or impact we think we can make, we shouldn't just talk about them. We should brainstorm them, and start delivering actions on those that we think we can actually change. I think that's the world I'd like to see. Perhaps true entrepreneurship is not just someone who creates a new business and just a more convenient way of ordering goods online ... but someone who creates a completely new way of life, new wealth, in terms of a community of people feeling fulfilled, creating a difference in the world and doing valuable work changing even more people's lives for the better. A creator of a new world.


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