12-Weeks Coding

Below is a chronicle of my 3-months of self-studying between beginning of 6/2014 to end of 8/2014.

My opinions on learning how to code changed dramatically afterwards (studying by yourself is probably not the best way to learn because you waste your time doing and learning stupid things -_-)

So I don't completely endorse this approach anymore (and rather suggest a group/collaborative environment, or get a mentor) but sooner or later, we all have to study on our own.
So I hope some of it may come useful for anybody who's thinking of doing the same thing.

12-Weeks of Teaching Yourself Web Development

    Recommended Online Tutorial Materials:
    1. Lynda.com --> http://www.lynda.com --> some tutorials are a hit-or-miss but overall, amazing. Compared to the atrocious Hit-or-Miss rates of youtube video tutorials, Lynda video tutorials are so much more comprehensive and have terrific instructors like Simon Allardice for JavaScript. 
    2. Codeschool.com --> http://www.codeschool.com/ -- some free -- love the songs 
    3. Jumpstartlabs --> http://tutorials.jumpstartlab.com/ -- Free
    4. Odin Project --> http://www.theodinproject.com/ -- Free 
    5. Codecademy --> http://codecademy.com -- Free 
    6. Stack-Overflowing the crap out of things you don't get 
    7. Googling the crap out of things you don't know


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